Corporate governance

The Annual General Meeting elects the Board of Directors which is responsible for the administration of Proventia Group Oy. The Board of Directors appoints a CEO who is responsible for operational management. The Auditor inspects the legality of the company´s administration and operations. Proventia´s Auditor is PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC. Proventia's legal advisor and secretary of the Board of Directors is Eerik Leikas, Attorney at Law at Law Office Astrea Ltd.

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Arto Ylimartimo
born 1959, M. Sc. (Econ)

Arto Ylimartimo has served as CEO of Head Invest Ltd. since 2002. Before joining Head Invest, he acted as Authorized Public Accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers  and  as an Owner and Entrepreneur in a company providing  accounting, auditing and financial management services. 

Arto Ylimartimo is also a Member of the Board at JOT Automation Ltd., Oulun Kärpät Oy and several smaller businesses and property companies.

Arto Ylimartimo

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors

Jukka Jokinen
born 1960 M.Sc. (Econ.)

Jukka Jokinen serves as Vice President at BRP, heading e.g. Scandinavian and Eastern European operations. He has previously held various positions at Outokumpu (1989–2005), e.g. as Sales Manager for Asian countries and Regional Manager for SEA markets. In 2000, he was named Chief of Sales and Marketing for Outokumpu Stainless. After the 2001–2002 merger of Avesta-Sheffield and Outokumpu Stainless, Jukka Jokinen headed Sales and Marketing until 2005.  

Previously Jukka Jokinen has acted as a Member of the Board at JOT Automation.

Jukka Jokinen

Member of the Board of Directors

Jukka Harju, born 1956, M.Sc.(Eng.), M.Sc. (Econ.)

Jukka Harju has made a long career at Elektrobit Corporation (Bittium since 2015), acting as CEO in 2009–2015 and before that as COO and Executive Vice President of Business Development. He has also been Managing Director of Tellabs Ltd. and Vice President of Tellabs Inc. (USA). In 1981–1994, he also held various positions within Nokia Telecommunications, including Vice President of Microwave Radios.

Previously, Jukka Harju has been the Chairman of the Boards of Elektrobit Automotive GmbH and Elektrobit Technologies Ltd. and a Board Member at Elektrobit Corporation, Incap Corporation and Efore Oyj.

Jukka Harju

Member of the Board of Directors

Raisa Lesonen, born 1979, BCA

Raisa Lesonen works as Communications Manager at Head Invest Ltd. Over the past few years she has served as Producer and Publicist at the City of Oulu (Cultural Center Valve) and as Publicist at Kiiminki municipality. She also has experience as a Journalist working in different sectors of the media.

Raisa Lesonen is also a Member of the Board at Head Invest Ltd and Chairman of the Board at the Eija and Veikko Lesonen foundation.