The emission partner for engine manufacturers

For engine manufacturers, we conduct extensive basic research on emission control issues. We offer complete exhaust aftertreatment systems developed to meet Stage, Tier and Euro standards. In the off-road segment, we are currently focusing on the proposed EU Stage 5 emission limit.

Stage 5 emission limits with extremely low NOx reduction targets mean that selective catalytic reduction is the technology that is increasingly being used in engines for reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx). This requires specific expertise in selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and urea mixing technologies not to mention the all-important issue of thermal management and testing. Proventia has just this kind of expertise.

Proventia EATs for tightest emission limits
Proventia EAT system

For engine manufacturers we offer

  • Complete exhaust aftertreatment systems
  • Exhaust components
  • Urea mixing expertise and technologies
  • Comprehensive engineering services
  • Testing services, e.g. durability and ageing testing
  • Integral insulation for thermal management