System integrator for machine manufacturers

For non-road machine manufacturers, we integrate the exhaust system to their machines to fulfil EU and US emission standards. Our long experience of integrating EAT systems to a great variety of applications, especially high-mix, low-volume applications has given us an understanding of how different agricultural, forestry, material handling, mining and construction machines are used.

EAT systems for agricultural machines
EAT systems for forest machinery
EAT systems for tractors

For machine manufacturers, we customise systems individually to precisely fit application and operating conditions, whilst always keeping costs under control. We supply all the necessary approved components and accessories related to exhaust system, so that the machine manufacturer can receive the complete EAT system from one address.

We have a proven track record in working with the world´s leading OE machine manufacturers. This experience and knowhow in combination with our own innovations and technology platforms allow us to develop reliable, top-performing systems.

Our offering for on-road vehicle manufacturers

Today heavy on-road vehicles for European market are manufactured and type approved to meet EURO 6 emission standards. OE on-road SCR technology for NOx reduction is very similar to SCR technology used in OE non-road machines and technology Proventia uses in on-road retrofit applications. NOx emissions are an issue for low-speed urban vehicles as the exhaust temperatures remain low as well. Our urea mixing technology SuperTornado™ is suitable also for on-road OE vehicles, especially in applications and operating conditions where urea crystallization might become a problem. In addition, Proventia SuperTornado™ improves the performance and operational reliability of SCR by allowing increased urea injections also at low temperatures.

Proventia´s thermal component technology is ideal for exhaust system parts; optimised thermal management keeps the temperatures at desired level. However, it is not only the exhaust system that benefits from optimised insulation; the technology is suitable for any temperature sensitive parts, where heat needs to be kept in or out.