Retrofitting buses, trucks & non-road machines

Emissions from diesel buses, trucks and machines, especially PM and NOx, contribute greatly to local air quality. Older EURO 1, 2 and 3 vehicles and machines generally pollute more, but even for EURO 4 and 5 vehicles NOx emissions are an issue in low speed driving. According to many researchers, real-world diesel NOx emissions of even relatively new vehicles continue to exceed certification limits in real driving.

Non-road installation
On-road installation

Bus & truck retrofits

Older buses and trucks that operate on their daily routes in cities considerably increase people's exposure to diesel pollutants such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). These pollutants can be reduced with SCR (NOx) and DPF (PM) systems. We have successfully been using these same technologies in OE applications for years.

To bring your vehicle up to date operators have two options: invest in new vehicles with low-polluting technology,or in retrofitting the existing vehicles with a new exhaust aftertreatment system. However, for the amount spent on just one new bus, you can retrofit approximately 20 older buses.

Proventia´s proven results from global retrofit projects make us the leader in the market. We have supplied retrofit devices for a number of air quality projects worldwide, especially for on-road vehicles like trucks and buses. Our diesel retrofit technologies have proven their ability to significantly reduce unwanted emissions at a reasonable cost. With Proventia´s most efficient retrofit system, NOxBUSTER® DPF+SCR, which includes both a DPF and SCR system, emission upgrades up to EURO 6 are possible, which make an older vehicle as clean as a new vehicle.

Non-road machines

In many completely or partially closed areas, such as mines , tunnels, construction sites and warehouses, the use of exhaust aftertreatment systems is mandatory. The growing awareness of the hazards of NOx and PM has led to a practice where many contract projects require low-polluting machinery from bidders. Investing in new machinery is a slow and expensive process, but equipping machines with an effective retrofit device such as Proventia NOxBUSTER® DPF+SCR , is a quick and cost-effective way to bring work machines up to date in terms of exhaust emissions and also increase the service life of older machines. For NOx reduction, we have successfully used SCR technology in OE applications. The same technology has also proven to be effective and reliable in retrofitting.  With Proventia NOxBUSTER® DPF+SCR, upgrades up to the Stage 4 Final emission rating are possible.