PROCAT™ diesel oxidation catalyst systems (DOC)

Proventia PROCAT™ systems are reliable, maintenance-free solutions for machines and vehicles that operate in the lower emission regulation environment.  PROCAT™ systems are based on diesel oxidation catalyst technology that reduces effectively hydrocarbon (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions as well as the soluble organic fraction of the particulate matter (PM) by up to 20 %.

PROCAT DOC for Bobtail TRU
PROCAT DOC for heavy-duty machine
The PROCAT™ product family also includes the PROCAT™ partial diesel particulate filter (pDPF) systems that can achieve a PM reduction (soluble organic fraction) of up to 40%. PROCAT™ DOC and pDPF systems are simple to install, safe and easy to use in various operating conditions and driving cultures, making them cost-effective solutions for on- and off-road retrofits if there is no high PM reduction targets or NOx reduction targets.

How does it work?

In PROCAT™ DOC systems, HC and CO as well as PM emissions are oxidised into  carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) over a precious-metal-coated catalyst. The choice of catalyst formulation depends on the duty cycles and the temperature conditions of the application. PROCAT™ pDPF systems – also called Flow Through Filters – use special corrugated metal foil with the capacity to capture particulates. Particulate matter is then oxidised through reactions with nitrogen dioxide. pDPF systems offer a 20% – 40% reduction in PM.

Key Features

  • Maintenance-free system for lower emission regulated areas
  • Tolerant of different fuel qualities
  • Adaptable to various operating conditions and driving cultures
  • No blocking
  • Long lifetime
  • High operating reliability
  • Muffler integrated
  • Easy to install
  • Can also be integrated with other technologies, such as SCR systems and DPFs