NOxBUSTER® DPF + SCR retrofit systems

Proventia NOxBUSTER® DPF + SCR system is the most efficient retrofit emission control system available.

It is a powerful combination of various technologies that effectively eliminates the NOx , PM, CO and HC emissions from on-road and off-road machines. 

The NOxBUSTER® DPF +SCR system offers SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology for efficient NOx reduction, the concept can be complemented with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) for PM reduction and a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) for HC and CO reduction.

  • For on-road and off-road applications 70-450 kW
  • NOx reduction over 70%
  • PM reduction over 90% with optional DPF
  • Reliable operation in all applications with independent urea dosing system (UDS)
  • On-board diagnostic procedure informs the driver of the system status
  • No power loss
  • Upgrades your on-road vehicle regarding emissions from
    • EURO 1 to EURO 4
    • Euro 2 & 3 to EURO 5
    • Euro 3 to EEV or even EURO 6 in some cases
  • Also suitable for off-road machines

How NOXBUSTER® systems work

SCR control unit continuously monitors the amount of NOx in the exhaust gas. Depending on the NOx level an optimal amount of AdBlue® is injected into the exhaust gas stream to reduce NOx. Urea pumps and control systems operate independently, which guarantee operation in all applications. Optional DPF and/ or DOC elements can be integrated to the system to also reduce PM, HC and CO emissions.