Proventia Test Units and Testing Services

Measuring and testing are a must in the engine, machine and vehicle manufacturing industry. As an emission control company research and testing has been a central part of our business from the beginning. Each emission standard determines not only the emission limits, but also how an engine, vehicle or machine should be tested and emissions measured. In addition durability is of great interest not only for manufacturers but for end-customers as well. Insufficient testing can turn costly in a long run.

Emission measurements, ageing and durability testing

At Proventia, we understand that when it comes to engines and emissions, reliable, yet cost-effective testing is an essential part of the industry.

We provide different testing services to engine, machine and component manufacturers, research and testing companies and institutes as well as universities and polytechnics at  our own in-house engine and emission laboratory. We also  offer testing services on contract with our Test Unit, or Test Units for purchase. Our testing services include e.g. emission measurements, ageing testing, mechanical durability testing.

Our strengths

  • Strong in-house engine testing knowhow and experience of various engine
  • Turnkey Proventia Test Units
  • Cost-effective way to quickly increase testing capacity

Test Units

Modular Proventia Test Unit
Proventia Test Unit operator monitoring and controlling
Proventia Test Unit with active dynamometer
Proventia Test Unit is scalable for various engine sizes
The Proventia Test Unit is a one-of-a-kind of engine test cell, built in a compact, transportable shape and structure. Proventia Test Unit is ideal for aging and durability testing for engines, components, exhaust aftertreatment systems, fuels and lubricants

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Testing Services

Engine test cell
In-house testing
We provide engine, machine and component manufacturers various testing services in our own in-house engine and emission laboratory and we also offer testing services on contract with our Test Unit.

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