Mechanical Durability Testing

In the engine, machine and vehicle industries, quality and reliability are of great interest and importance to everyone, i.e. suppliers, manufacturers and clients.  Will the product or component withstand shock and vibration during its operational lifetime? 

We test our product´s mechanical and fatigue durability in different phases during product development by simulations and in praxis under high cyclic stress.  Our mechanical durability process includes e.g.:

Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA)
  • Vibration measurements from real machine with installed prototype system
  • Ability to measure acceleration, strain and temperature with CAN-bus data included
  • Measurements done with Siemens LMS SCADAS™ measurement system and analyzed with Siemens LMS Test.Lab™ with Mission Synthesis included
Simulation, Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Calculating natural frequencies and modes to avoid engine´s or machine´s excitation frequencies by altering the design
  • Measured vibrations used as boundary conditions to simulate real life behavior
  • Results validated with measured values
Hot shake test
  • Test profile composed from measured accelerations
  • Different driving situations implemented into one profile
  • Test duration shortened by adjusting the profile´s amplitude
Field testing
  • Ensuring that system fulfills operational and customer-based requirements
  • Testing details that were not included in laboratory tests or simulations
  • Final validation

Vibration Testing

We use advanced vibration analysis tools for durability testing. The prototypes will be tested in vibration tests where the test curves simulating real operating cycles are reproduced and amplified, so that already in the prototype phase we receive information on the durability of the system in real operating conditions.