Optimised integral insulation for thermal management

Proventia Thermal Components (PTC) insulation was developed for temperature- and performance critical exhaust components and pipelines, where the best possible insulation is required to meet high emission reduction targets. As an emission control company, Proventia is at the very heart of thermal management. We understand the importance of optimal insulation in maintaining the temperature and meeting the emission standards of today and tomorrow

Multi-layered insulation technology

We developed Proventia Thermal Components to fulfil this demand for high insulation efficiency in the most cost-effective way. Multi-layered, light insulation technology protects also temperature-sensitive components in the engine compartment by keeping the heat energy in the exhaust pipeline and improving the performance of the exhaust system. Proventia integral insulation can be used for exhaust manifolds, turbo insulations, complete exhaust pipelines and systems, for instance. However, it is not limited to just exhaust components: the same insulation concept is suitable for any components where high insulation efficiency and low surface temperature combined with low weight and easy shaping are required.

Our strengths

  • Knowledge and understanding of the importance of efficient thermal management
  • Cost-efficiency, especially in small-volume series
  • Capability for low-volume, high-mix production
  • Strong automation and equipment manufacturing expertise

Thermal Insulation Parts

Easy installation
Integral insulation
Heat shield
Integrated insulation parts engineered, designed and manufactured in a shape that fits the component to be insulated. The insulation parts will be delivered assembly-ready to your facility.

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Thermal Components Production Equipment

Corrugated foil roller
PTC prodution line
Plasma cutting cell
We provide our customers with complete set of modular thermal components production equipment for the cost-effective and flexible production of thermal components.

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