Proventia's shares in the book-entry system

The shares of Proventia Group Oy were transferred into the book-entry system on January 2nd, 2008. The book-entry system is an electronic register and processing system for shares and other securities and comprises book-entry securities accounts and lists of owners.

Book-entry securities accounts include data on the owners of book-entry securities, and their types and quantities. The lists of owners are public. The book-entry system is maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd. The book-entry system makes it easier to maintain lists of a company's owners.

Changes in contact information

In the future, we kindly request that the account operator where the shareholder has a book-entry securities account be informed of changes in a shareholder's contact information.

Share transactions

In the case of any share transactions, we request that you proceed as follows:

  • A written contract of the share transaction should be prepared, which records the buyer's and seller's personal identification numbers or Business IDs.
  • When ownership is transferred, the seller of the shares must provide the following to its own account operator:
    • the original contract
    • the names of the seller's and buyer's account operators and their book-entry securities account numbers; if these data were already available when the contract was prepared, they can be recorded in the contract
    • a request to record the transaction that was carried out into book-entry securities accounts
    • the seller must record the share transaction personally at the premises of the seller's account operator or send an authorized agent to carry out this task
    • if they wish, the buyer and seller can separately authorize the buyer in the contract to handle the recording of the share transaction and the signing of the recording application
  • Capital transfer tax must be paid to the tax authorities by the prescribed deadline. A notification of the transfer of the capital does not, however, have to be sent to the account operator or Proventia Group Oy.