Jari, Customer Project Manager, M.Sc. (Eng.)

What do you do at Proventia?

My title is Customer Project Manager – in this position I work mainly with our OEM customers as a Project Manager while also having commercial responsibility for some of those customers.

How did you get started at Proventia?

I started to work on my master's thesis at Proventia in May 2010. I graduated from the University of Oulu at the beginning of 2011 and continued directly at Proventia. At first, I worked as an application engineer on both OEM and Retrofit projects but quite soon I became fully focused on the OEM side.

Describe your typical day at work?

When I'm not travelling, a typical day at the office begins with a coffee at my desk while checking my emails and planning for the day. On a typical day, I have both internal project meetings and tele conferences with customers, mostly in English. Working at my own desk, I spend most of my time between offer calculations, making sure that everybody is on the same page in the projects and generally making sure that the project teams have everything they need to make their work happen.

What do you like most about your job?

Interesting topics at the cutting edge of technology in our business field, a wide variety of customers around the globe mean there are plenty of new people and cultures to get to know. At Proventia you are given freedom and the responsibility that comes with it, if you are willing to take it.

What do you feel are the strengths of Proventia as an employer?

An awesome team of colleagues and co-workers so that each day really begins with a smile! There are personal development programmes in place and further training is encouraged.

What advice would you give to a potential new colleague?

A lesson from my superior: the only stupid question is the one that wasn't asked.  Service with a smile never gets old!