Leena, Design Engineer, Engineer

What do you do at Proventia?

I work as a Design Engineer at Proventia. I work with both retrofit and OEM customers.

How did you get started at Proventia?

I knew about Proventia already, because their head office is located in the area I'm from. I had already given a presentation on Proventia as a student and I thought that it was an interesting company, even though exhaust gas technology was something quite unknown to me. My previous job was in the environmental sector, so Proventia seemed like a natural choice for me. There were no open positions at Proventia so I sent an open application. The need for a designer came quite quickly however and I started work at the beginning of 2011.

Describe your typical day at work?

My work days are never the same. I might work on smaller projects that come in weekly, or then I work on one large project for several months. Small mechanical design jobs are usually related to pipelines in machinery and designing their production jigs. Bigger projects are designing exhaust gas cleaning systems for machines and vehicles.  Designing Thermal Components has also increased significantly. I also do quite a few pictures rendered from 3D models for marketing. Design cooperates closely with sales and of course, direct with the customer.

What do you like most about your job?

I like my job because it is very diverse and my job description is very wide-ranging. We produce our own prototypes, so we get to actually see how our products are produced and quickly develop the product further. It's great to see how a product that you have designed yourself is first turned into a prototype and then goes into series production. Proventia has a really good and competent team, which is a major reason why I like my job.

What do you feel are the strengths of Proventia as an employer?

Proventia is able to provide very interesting and diverse work in an international company.  Proventia has a broad base of competences in not only design, but in all the product development team. There is a high level of competence in the company and we also invest in training designers, which benefits both the company and the employee.

What advice would you give to a potential new colleague?

As a designer here, I have the chance to be continually seeing and designing new things. The projects are really interesting and I'm sure you'll find just the challenges for you. So, just take the plunge and join the team!