Pauli, Production Planning Engineer, M.Sc.(Eng.)

What do you do at Proventia?

I am in charge of planning Proventia Thermal Components (PTC) and mantling production as well as being the supervisor for these lines. I am also in charge of managing the supply chain for retrofit products and material procurement for our own production as well as for prototypes. The work includes a lot of development projects, such as developing the enterprise resource planning system (ERP).

How did you get started at Proventia?

I heard about Proventia for the first time through an acquaintance of mine who was working there and the company sounded interesting. I heard that Proventia might have use for someone who had experience in production planning, procurement and ERP development. I sent an open application and after a couple of years of corresponding, a position became available and through the interview process I got the job.

Describe your typical day at work?

A typical day starts with a review of the situation in PTC production. We go through the outcome of the previous day's production together with the production personnel and the quality manager and see how we have met our production targets. At the same time, our employees can mention any wishes or suggestions for improvements they might have. The rest of the day is spent purchasing, planning production, communicating with suppliers and customers as well as development projects. Our biggest project at the moment is developing the materials requirement calculation for our ERP system together with the other members of Operations & Logistics.

What do you like most about your job?

The wide range of tasks and new challenges. Apart from certain daily routines, each day is different. One of the advantages of a small organisation is that your job description is very wide and you have to take responsibility. All Proventia employees, from the management to those working in production, are a great bunch with whom it's fun to work and resolve new challenges.

What do you feel are the strengths of Proventia as an employer?

Proventia is seeking growth also through new innovations. For this reason, the organisation is very open to all new development suggestions, be they for new business areas or making existing operations more efficient. The company knows the area of its own core competence and wants to develop new solutions around it. Decision making is fast and matters do not get caught up in the machinery of a large organisation.

What advice would you give to a potential new colleague?

A spirit of innovation and an open mind. Over the last year, my own work has changed considerably, but these changes have only been positive.