Lithium-ion battery


Get that extra power
with less CO2

Proventia ePRO48 LTO battery is the perfect match for hybrid powertrains and other electric subsystems – when high power and utmost operational safety matters.

Whatever you do in your work, boost your performance with Proventia’s high peak power batteries. Rightsize your engine and get improved response and lower fuel consumption.

Proventia Electric Powertrain is focused on developing high-power batteries for hybrid non-road applications, like Proventia ePRO48 lithium-ion battery.

Proventia ePRO48 lithium ion battery

The winning factors of the Proventia ePRO48 include

  • robust mechanical construction
  • wide operational temperature window
  • long lifetime 
  • high-level safety and power.

Proventia ePRO48 LTO battery – our promises

  • Based on the safest of lithium-ion battery technologies.
  • Robust packaging and battery electronics add to the reliability of the system.
  • Operates in temperatures that are critical to most typical batteries
  • Optional active thermal management.
ePRO48 LTO Battery / Specifications
48 V / 0,9 kWh / 40 kW peak power
Wide operational temp. window -30... 60°C
Dimensions (L x H x W)* 580 x 235 x 190 mm
Weight* ca. 30 kg
* excluding mounting bracket

1 + 1 = e

For us, 1 plus 1 equals electric

We have combined our excellence in Test Solutions and Emission Control to master a new product – Proventia ePRO48 high-power battery for hybrid machines.

We know the applications through Emission Control. We know how to develop components and systems to non-road machines, and we have the capacity to be a reliable supplier to engine and machine manufacturers. On the other hand, we know electricity and electric powertrains through Test Solutions. Therefore 1 plus 1 equals more to us and to our customers.


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Jari Granath

Jari Granath

Product Manager, Electric Powertrain

jari [dot] granath [at] proventia [dot] com
+358 (0)20 7810 211

High-power batteries for NRMM hybrids

In non-road machines, hybrid technologies are gaining ground. Hybridization enables operational cost savings and increases productivity, leading to CO2 savings.

Dumper Trucks
Utility Tractors
Lawn Tractors

Improved response and lower fuel consumption

Proventia ePRO48 provides instantaneous power for the needs of e-turbos and electric motors. Equally important is the battery’s capability to recover waste energy – the battery receive both long recuperation events as well as short bursts of high-power charging from the electric motors. Every watt of energy is recovered!

Acceleration, lifting, and other work movements demand instantaneous high output and power. When additional peak power is produced with electricity –you can manage with a medium-sized engine. This means improved response and lower fuel consumption.

With Proventia ePRO48, you can use a smaller base engine with lower power rating and therefore a simpler, more cost-effective exhaust aftertreatment system in some engine classes.

High C-Rate means more power

48V hybrid battery systems are characterized by high peak power demands, while energy content is a secondary consideration. This relation between battery capacity and current draw is called “C-rate”. The higher the C-rate, the more power is drawn from a smaller battery. Even if the required energy from the battery is not a key demand, typical li-ion batteries must have oversized capacity to keep the C-rates at acceptable levels. With Proventia ePRO48 power batteries, the acceptable C-rates are 10-20 times higher than with energy-biased lithium-ion batteries.

With high C-rates and continuous operation leads to demand for: high cycle life in hybrid use. Repetitive discharging in peak shaving and e-turbo boost, charging at every possible opportunity in energy recuperation mode demand a technology that can put up with this year after year. Proventia battery delivers that.

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Jari Granath

Jari Granath

Product Manager, Electric Powertrain

jari [dot] granath [at] proventia [dot] com
+358 (0)20 7810 211