Batteries for non-road machines

In developing Proventia battery modules for non-road mobile machine manufacturers, our focus is on high-power hybrid batteries. The large variety of applications creates typical characteristics for NRMM hybrid batteries.

  • Wide operational temperature window (-30 - +55 C°)
  • Long cycle life and high energy throughput
  • High discharge rates
  • Inherently safe technology
  • Wide useable SOC

Engineering battery modules

We develop and engineer battery module platforms applicable for hybrid non-road applications with high-power needs. Besides a compact packaging, high-power hybrid batteries must meet a wide range of operational requirements. The average power demand of a non-road machine is often significantly lower than its high peak power demand. In a hybrid system, the machine´s internal combustion engine can be downsized for maximum efficiency at average power.  And electrical power is used for high peak power demand and improved response. This leads to energy efficiency and emission reductions, as a hybrid powertrain also enables waste energy recuperation.  

Our task is to take into consideration duty cycles in dimensioning the internal combustion engine to meet average power demand and dimensioning the batteries to meet peak power demand.

Proventia engineers, tests, manufactures and validates battery modules to meet the requirements of robust hybrid non-road machines.  We provide ready-made compact battery systems based on our own battery platform for high-power machines delivered ready to install on the production line.

Our offering

Complete single 48V Power Battery

  • Assembly-line ready battery system with all the required functions in one package
  • Energy storage (LTO technology)
  • Battery management system
  • Contactors, fuses, filters
  • External interfaces for data, power etc.

Multimodule battery systems for high-voltage and / or high-capacity applications

In addition to our own platform, we can customize modules to the customer´s requirements.


  • Extensive expertise in NRMM applications and their operating environments
  • Flexible tailoring capability
  • Our own top-notch test center with climate controlled full-size EV battery pack testing laboratory
  • 4 combustion engine and emission test cells, enabling hybrid testing