Ethical guidelines

From the CEO

We at Proventia work as one company in accordance with our shared vision of zero emissions. 

Our goal is to be a leading supplier of technology for the engine, machine and vehicle industries.  We aim for controlled and profitable growth in our business areas with both our current and future customer base.  

We will meet our goals by recruiting and retaining the best talent in the industry. We operate as part of a rapidly changing environment, and this requires us to adhere to ethically acceptable principles in all our business operations. 

These ethical guidelines define Proventia's shared ways of working and the expectations we place on all Proventia´s employees in their daily duties. 

Proventia's regulations and operating procedures support and complement the ethical guidelines defined in this document. 

We are all responsible for complying with the ethical guidelines in everything we do. Negligence by even one Proventia employee may put all our accomplishments in jeopardy. We want all our employees to be proud of working at Proventia. 

We should earn the respect of our stakeholders and the society by acting in an honest and responsible manner. We also expect our partners to comply with corresponding principles.

Jari Lotvonen
Proventia Group Oyj, Proventia Oy