Business operations

Conflicts of interest

Proventia's personnel and members of the Board of Directors are expected to act in the interests of the company. Situations in which one´s personal interests may be in conflict with Proventia´s interests must be avoided. 

Business relationships should not be used to pursue personal benefits. Personnel may not accept from current or potential business partners any gifts, payments, hospitality or services, which can reasonably be considered to impact business operations or which go beyond the boundaries of regular hospitality. Offering, giving and soliciting such gifts, payments, hospitality or services is also prohibited. 

Insider information

Insider information refers to unpublished information that investors may consider important when making decisions concerning buying or selling company shares. Insider information is confidential until it is published or otherwise made available to the market. 

A person who possesses insider information may not engage in securities trading using shares subject to the said insider information, and they may not disclose such information for as long as the information remains unpublished. 

Insider trading and the use of insider information is governed by insider trading legislation, the compliance of which is monitored by the financial supervisory authorities.

Fair competition

We respect the regulations concerning free and fair competition and are committed to complying with the valid legislation on cartels and other competition legislation. This applies to our general behaviour in the market as well as situations which may involve problems concerning competition legislation. These include contacts with competitors, information exchange and activities in industry organisations. 

Industrial property rights, other immaterial property and assets

We respect industrial property rights and are committed to applying technology and competence in a manner that protects them. We also respect the assets of our company and do not seek personal benefits by taking advantage of Proventia's assets, information or position. 

We protect confidential data, including information that subcontractors and suppliers, customers and other partners have entrusted to us. 

Communication and contacts with stakeholders

Proventia keeps in touch with its stakeholders by means of open communication and dialogue. Stakeholder relations are managed with integrity and in a fair and confidential manner. 

Proventia works in cooperation with the authorities and local, national and international regulatory bodies.