Customers, subcontractors, suppliers

Customer relationships

The success of our customers is key to our own success. We operate globally and commit to our customers in the long term, so that we can continuously both meet and exceed their expectations. Proventia´s objective is to be the preferred supplier for our existing and new customers. 

Mutual trust is built on communication that matches the actions and vice versa. Therefore, we only make truthful and accurate promises to our customers. We expect our customers to act in the same way. 

Subcontractor and supplier relationships

Subcontractors and suppliers are an essential part of our entire supply chain. We select them with care and based on objective criteria, such as quality, trustworthiness, delivery reliability and price, without letting personal issues influence the matter.  The subcontractors and suppliers are expected to comply with international regulations and practices concerning human rights and environmental matters in their operations. Moreover, as subcontractors and suppliers, they are required to comply with the national laws of the countries of operation. 

We promote the compliance with these ethical guidelines among subcontractors and suppliers and work to monitor their operations in this respect.