Apr 13, 2005

Finnkatalyt to supply diesel retrofit products to Hong Kong

Finnkatalyt's success continues in Hong Kong retrofit program. Finnkatalyt's exhaust solutions passed the technical requirements (-35 % PM Reduction and white smoke minimization), and Finnkatalyt with its Hong Kong-based partner Eco Tek Ltd. was selected to become a sole supplier in a special retrofit project that covers pre-euro diesel vehicles, the use of which includes long idling periods.  The overall number of vehicles that qualifies for this project is estimated at 3 300.

The retrofit program for long idling vehicles is an extension for previous retrofit projects that the Hong Kong government has initiated for the reduction of vehicular emissions in Hong Kong Region. In this particular project the problem is so called white smoke (unburned hydrocarbon) that is caused if vehicles are equipped with an ordinary catalyst and their operating includes long idling duties. Such vehicles are for example concrete mixers, cranes and various rescue vehicles. These vehicles will now be equipped with Finnkatalyt's solution in Hong Kong. The retrofitting is scheduled to start in May 2005 and to be completed in the beginning of the year 2006.

To develop a suitable retrofit solution for long idling vehicles was technically a demanding challenge. Therefore the selection to become a sole supplier for the current project is a significant achievement for Finnkatalyt's technology and product development in retrofit market.

Asian cities suffer from poor air quality, which is not only an aesthetic problem but also a severe health risk causing also significant financial losses. By the standards of most Asian cities Hong Kong today is a clean city, since Hong Kong government has been a pioneer in the field of reducing emissions from motorized vehicles for several years now. Since 2002 Finnkatalyt has supplied emission control devices to Hong Kong within two projects.