Nov 13, 2013

Proventia Emission Control upgrades buses in London

In May, Proventia Emission Control, a leading supplier of retrofit emission control systems for heavy duty vehicles, was selected as an approved supplier of NOx abatement systems for the London retrofit program, funded by Transport for London (TfL) and UK central government.  Retrofitting London buses with SCR equipment is part of comprehensive measures by the Mayor of London to improve London’s air quality.  Proventia is expected to supply and install SCR equipment for over 170 buses for one of the UK’s largest bus operators.

After initial engine lab tests witnessed by TfL, a successful field durability trial was conducted.  Two buses equipped with Proventia SCR systems operated in the London area for a six month period over the winter of 2012-2013.  The supply and installation of production systems began in the September of 2013.  To date Proventia SCR systems have been installed to more than 50 buses and the program will be complete in early 2014.  Excalibre Technologies Ltd, Proventia’s long-term partner in the UK emission control market, are managing the program and conducting installation and commissioning of the systems at the customer’s premises.

“At Proventia, we have invested considerably in retrofit equipment design and development. This results in robust and compact designs together with high operational reliability of our systems”, says Petri Saari, Vice President of Sales at Proventia Emission Control.  “By working closely with TfL and the bus operators we have developed a compact retrofit solution that exceeded all their performance requirements yet was simple to install with only minor modifications to the vehicles.  The ease of installation results in minimum disruption to the operator as vehicles are generally only out of service for one day.  We have also received positive feedback from similar systems already in use worldwide”, Saari continues.