Sep 21, 2016

Proventia and Excalibre launch Euro 6 retrofit system in the UK

Proventia Emission Control Oy and their UK partner Excalibre Technologies Ltd launch the NOxBUSTER® City Euro 4, 5 and EEV to Euro 6 retrofit system to the UK market to meet the ULEZ and Clean Air Zone requirements. UK customers can now benefit from Proventia?s proven technology designed specifically for lower temperature, city operation.  Proventia will supply the technology and components and Excalibre will provide the installation and servicing of the systems. Excalibre is also responsible for sales and marketing of the products to UK customers.

The technology is now on trial on hybrid busses in London and is demonstrating that the Euro 6 emission standards can be readily met. The NOxBUSTER® City exceeds the TfL retrofit specification on chassis dynamometer testing over the MLTB cycle.

The system is also already in use in Scandinavia and has been proven by independent organizations both over chassis dynamometer testing (WHVC test cycle) and in real world driving with PEMS equipment. In each case, the vehicle's emissions met the required Euro 6 emission standard.

Each vehicle is also fitted with the PROCARE? Drive, a web-based clean air fleet management tool that monitors the performance of the vehicle's exhaust after-treatment system online 24/7. This enables full remote monitoring of the effectiveness of the system and the vehicle's emissions.

Excalibre Technologies are an established supplier of commercial vehicle exhausts and emission control systems. Working with Proventia, vehicle specific designs have been developed which minimize modifications to the vehicle and reduce installation and servicing times and provide an effective solution meeting the ULEZ standards proposed for 2019/20.

Excalibre and Proventia have previously successfully cooperated on the retrofit of over 350 Euro 3 Tridents and Darts to the Euro 5 standard.