Jun 28, 2017

Proventia approved as a supplier for London ULEZ Euro VI retrofitting

Transport for London (TfL) has named Proventia Emission Control in a framework agreement as a supplier to the NOx Abatement Framework Agreement, ahead of the introduction of the world’s first Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London.  The agreement means that Proventia is approved to supply, install and maintain Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) retrofit systems for upgrading Euro IV and V buses up to the Euro VI emission standard for the London ULEZ.

The NOx Abatement project applies to around 5,000 diesel buses.  Proventia’s NOxBUSTER® City system is tested and approved according to the TfL’s Millbrook London Transport Bus (MLTB) test cycle that represents Central London driving conditions. “We are very proud that TfL has selected state-of-the-art emission control technology from Finland”, says Jari Lotvonen, President and CEO of Proventia. “It is great to continue retrofit projects in London”, Lotvonen continues.  

NOxBUSTER® City system is specifically designed for stop-and-go city traffic where exhaust temperatures usually remain low. NOxBUSTER® City uses standard commercial AdBlue® for reducing NOx. The installation does not require any major changes to the bus structure. The Proventia retrofit system also includes an online emissions monitoring system, PROCARE™ Drive, that provides 24/7 updates of the level of NOx emissions from the buses, and full remote monitoring of the system operation. The operation of Proventia NOxBUSTER® City system is a proven and effective solution for Euro VI retrofits as verified and tested by several independent test organizations both in laboratories and PEMS tests. With the same technology Proventia has upgraded Euro IV, V, EEV and hybrid buses up to Euro VI emissions level for major bus operators in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Retrofitting buses to Euro VI standard is the quickest and the most cost-effective way to cut NOx and other harmful emissions from existing bus fleets. Through the new £86.1m programme, TfL will retrofit around 5,000 buses with a new exhaust system that will significantly cut their emissions. This will mean that by September 2020, the entire bus fleet will be at least Euro VI standard.

Proventia will supply technology and components and Proventia’s long-term UK partner, Excalibre, will provide the installation and servicing of the systems. Proventia and Excalibre have previously successfully cooperated on the retrofit of over 350 Euro III ADL Tridents and Darts to the Euro V standard.

More information:

  • Jari Lotvonen,  Proventia Emission Control Oy, tel. +358 20 781 0200, jari.lotvonen (at)        
  • Karl Grimston,  Excalibre Technologies Ltd.  tel. +44 (0)7920 803 654, krg (at)                                   

Proventia Emission Control is a Finland-based environmental technology company, providing technologies and services for engines. Proventia develops, engineers and supplies exhaust aftertreatment components and systems for diesel engine. Company produces thermal insulation solutions for engine applications. We offer a broad selection of testing services and one-of-a-kind modular test units and centres for various testing needs. Proventia is a part of Head Invest Group, a family-owned Finnish technology –focused group.

Excalibre Technologies is a UK based company specializing in emission control and commercial vehicle exhausts. Excalibre provides local installation, service and support for retrofit SCR systems along with DPF cleaning for commercial vehicles.