Jan 22, 2007

Finnkatalyt receives CARB verification

Finnkatalyt Oy's partial Diesel Particulate Filter for Transport Refrigeration Units (TRU) has received CARB (California Air Resources Board) verification. Finnkatalyt has developed the product together with the US-based TRU-manufacturer Thermo King Corporation over the past two years. The Finnkat pDPF purifier reduces the emissions of diesel-driven TRUs by over 50% and is the first 'Level 2 Plus' device that CARB has verified. CARB verification is a compulsory requirement in California.

All the required tests were performed at the engine laboratory of VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland. In fact, VTT is the first test laboratory outside North America that has been approved for CARB verification testing. The CARB verification process is time-consuming and challenging. Almost 10,000 hours worth of field tests were run during the process, ensuring the practical functionality and reliability of the product. The product itself represents advanced catalytic technology (partial Diesel Particulate Filter), which combines the reliability of oxidation catalysts with significant particulate reduction.

'Receiving CARB verification is especially important for us, as Californian emissions legislation is amongst the strictest in the world,' explains Jari Lotvonen, President of Finnkatalyt. 'Initially, the verification will cover most of the cooler units that Thermo King produced between 1985 and 1998. In total, there are around 13,000 trailers with cooler units operating in California at the moment, all of which could potentially be fitted with Finnkatalyt's device. The owners of these trailers are required to equip their fleet with an emission control solution before the end of 2008,' Lotvonen adds.

Finnkatalyt is part of the Proventia Group whose CEO, Lauri Antila, has positive expectations for the US market: 'This verification marks the beginning of our penetration into the hundred-million-euro market in the US. This technology has already gained us a strong foothold in Korea and we have faith in the success of our solution in the quality-conscious US market as well,' Antila adds.

Finnkatalyt entrusts the manufacture of its products to a wide network of subcontractors. Thermo King's own dealer network in California will coordinate sales in the US.