Feb 7, 2007

Proventia strengthens its business through acquisitions

On 31.1.2007 Finnkatalyt Oy, a member of Proventia Group Oy, acquired the entire capital stock of the Swiss exhaust purification specialists ENWA GmbH. With this business acquisition, Finnkatalyt is strengthening and expanding its expertise in diesel engine exhaust purification technology. ENWA, which is located in Switzerland, in the city of Winterthur near Zurich, will also act as the hub of Proventia's Central European business in the future. 

'Swiss legislation on diesel engine exhaust emissions is extremely strict, which is why the Swiss are experts in this field,' says Jari Lotvonen, President of Finnkatalyt. 'ENWA has several years of experience and excels in reducing not just particles but also nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel engines and small power plants. We believe that ENWA's expertise will give a considerable boost to Finnkatalyt's diesel product development. The emission limits for nitrogen oxides are rapidly tightening around the world due to its high toxicity' Lotvonen continues.

'The acquisition of ENWA is in line with Proventia's strategy and the goal of this investment is to strengthen our expertise in emission control solutions,' says Lauri Antila, CEO of Proventia Group Oy. 'Together, Finnkatalyt and ENWA will form a reliable base for Proventia's emission control business,' Antila adds.