Feb 7, 2020

Proventia established a subsidiary in England

Proventia, a technology company based in Oulu, has established a subsidiary, Proventia UK Ltd, in Milton Keynes in the UK. The established company focuses on promoting modular test centres for electric vehicle development in the UK market and supporting Proventia’s current projects in the UK.

According to Jari Lotvonen, President and CEO of Proventia, Proventia has steered its R&D activities towards hybrid, electric and battery technologies. “Establishing a subsidiary in Milton Keynes, known as the electric car hub of the UK, was a natural step to move closer to our customers and partners.  Proventia’s modular test centres for testing electric cars and batteries have rapidly gained market share amidst the ongoing changes in the automotive industry. Local presence serves our current customers and helps us to effectively find new business opportunities. Milton Keynes is a hub for the electric vehicle industry and testing operations in the UK, where several of the world's leading players of the electric vehicle industry operate. This is why Milton Keynes was a natural choice for us,” Lotvonen says.

Proventia UK started operating in February. Proventia has appointed Christopher Garratt, who has a long experience of testing electric cars, in charge of the UK company.

For more information, please contact:

Jari Lotvonen, President and CEO, Proventia Group, tel. +358 20 781 0200, jari.lotvonen(at)proventia.com