Oct 13, 2017

A bus with Proventia NOxBUSTER City system tested as probably the cleanest diesel city bus in the world

In Germany runs currently perhaps the cleanest diesel-driven city bus in the world.  The transport company in Paderborn puts the Proventia NOxBUSTER® City retrofit system to the test. The results from PEMS tests were sensational, significantly better than required in current Euro VI standard for new buses.  


The tests were performed by Professor Dr. Ralph Pütz, an expert for commercial vehicles and exhaust gas technology at the Landshut University of Applied Sciences. “First I did not believe the measured values ​​and decided to calibrate the measuring instruments again”, says Professor Pütz. 'In part, the nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions were in the hardly measurable range. In fact, what came out of the exhaust pipe of the bus was cleaner than the ambient air. And this despite the difficult conditions, for example, during particularly slow drive through the pedestrian zone,” Dr. Pütz continues.

“Replacing complete diesel bus fleets with electric buses is financially impossible in the short term. Upgrading buses to Euro VI standard by retrofitting would be a sensible and economical option for buses that still have many years of service time,” says Jari Lotvonen, CEO of Proventia Emission Control Oy. “Retrofitting is the quickest and the most cost-effective way to cut NOx and other harmful emissions from existing bus fleets and improve the city air. Today efficient, affordable retrofit technologies are available,” Lotvonen continues.

A Euro V/ EEV city bus, equipped with Proventia NOxBUSTER® City system, was tested in real driving conditions in Paderborn bus routes.  The test bus reached the lowest ever measured NOx emission level in a real operation, showing NOx and in particular NO2 reduction of almost 99%. NOxBUSTER® technology uses standard commercial AdBlue® for reducing NOx, but is specifically designed for stop-and-go city traffic. The Proventia retrofit system also includes an online emissions monitoring system, PROCARE™ Drive that provides 24/7 updates of the level of NOx emissions from the buses, and full remote monitoring of the system operation. Proventia NOxBUSTER® City system is proven and effective solution for Euro VI retrofits by several independent test organizations both in laboratories and PEMS tests.  With the same technology Proventia has upgraded Euro IV, V, EEV and hybrid buses up to Euro VI emissions level for major bus operators in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Company is also approved as a supplier for London ULEZ Euro VI retrofit project.