Proventia Test Solutions

Proventia Test Solutions offers the most versatile modular test cells and test centers with flexible features for the fast-moving automotive industry. A comprehensive understanding of customer needs, good supplier network and positive customer experiences form the basis of the Proventia way of making test facilities.


Today, we focus on electric vehicle testing solutions, including e-motor, electric powertrain, EV battery packs and complete vehicle testing capabilities. In addition, we offer hydrogen fuel cell system testing solutions, as well as modular solutions for ICE testing.

Our offering includes:
  • Customer-specific test cells and complete centers for various development and testing needs
  • Standard, industrial EV battery pack testing modules and safe storage for battery packs and modules

What are modular test cells and centers?

Proventia Test cells and centers are based on compact modules built specifically for testing purposes. They are structurally and environmentally designed to meet the high- performance and safety standards of a testing facility. We offer various designs and layouts for every purpose, space requirement and plan for the future. 

A modular test laboratory consists of readymade modules that are easy to transport and quick to assemble on site. Each test cell is prefabricated at our factory, integrated with the preferred components and made to be as self-sufficient as required. Test cells can either be integrated to an existing utility network or equipped with all the necessary components to be an independent test unit. In the simplest case, all we need is a flat surface and power cable.

The modular test laboratories scale up from a single test cell to a complete test center with different capabilities. Upgrades, expansions and changes can be made in stages, deploying test cells based on required the testing capacity.

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This is how we do it faster and better

Modularity makes a difference, especially when it comes to delivery time and flexibility. The overall project delivery time for a modular facility can be less than half the time for the block-built test facility.

  • Various project phases can be carried out in parallel 
  • Modules are constructed and assembled at Proventia's factory 
  • The modular test facility requires minimal planning and preparations on site 

A modular test center requires no special arrangements from the main building. Proventia's test facilities are naturally the most self-sufficient, containing the typical utilities, such as ventilation, heat, and air and liquid conditioning. Supportive utility units, preparation areas and control room modules serving several test cells can be incorporated in the test center. 

Turn-key test facility

At Proventia, we genuinely listen to each customer and implement the desired test equipment and automation. For our customers, it is a turnkey solution, carefully designed to match needs and requirements.