Our vision & mission

Our vision is zero emission.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, innovative products and services that protect the environment and human health. We help the engine, machine and automotive industries to improve their energy efficiency and develop environmentally friendly solutions. 

Our values

Customers: Number One

Long standing customer relationships are the foundation of our operations. We are a reliable and innovative partner. Our task is to improve our customers' competitiveness with the solutions we develop. We want our customers to succeed with our help. Our customer relationships are based on open and honest interaction.

Personnel: Teamwork

Competent personnel are a company's most important resource. Our personnel are encouraged on an individual basis to develop themselves and take care of both their mental and physical well-being. We reward our personnel for both initiative and financial results achieved. We value an international work community.

Responsibility: Sustainability

We do what we promise to do. We are loyal to our customers, employees and partners. We bear our societal responsibility and strive to act in an ethically correct manner in all situations. In decision making, we take into account people and the environment as well as bearing responsibility for forthcoming generations.

Excellence: Continuous Development

Our operations are profitable in all situations; this helps us to invest in our and our customers' joint future. As a developing company we seek growth.