Testing hydrogen fuel cell systems

Beside battery packs, hydrogen fuel cell systems as a power source are a zero emissions alternative for automotive and industrial applications. As these technologies are becoming increasingly prevalent, so is the need for specific testing facilities.
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Various design and layouts

Proventia Test Solutions introduces a modular laboratory built for developing and testing hydrogen fuel cell systems. Proventia's fuel cell test units are available for various design and layouts, space requirements and plans for the future. Test cells are structurally and environmentally designed to meet the high performance and safety standards of fuel cell testing. 

Free system integrator

Our fuel cell test modules can incorporate any desired test equipment and automation system.  Each modular test laboratory consists of large modules that are easy to transport and quick to assemble on site. The modular fuel cell system testing solution allows the test facility to be located away from buildings and close to the hydrogen storage and generation equipment. Like Proventia's other modular solutions, fuel cell system testing modules are easy to relocate if necessary.

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Why Proventia fuel cell test solutions?

  • Fastest way to increase fuel cell test capacity
  • Integrates with various test equipment and automation
  • Fulfills industry safety and performance standards
  • Adapts to customer-specific test practices
  • Turnkey solution, incorporating all equipment, automation, infrastructure, and safety features