Hybrid electric powertrain test laboratory

Modular test solutions are ideal for building hybrid electric powertrain test laboratories. Different kinds of passenger car and commercial vehicle P/T test benches can be implemented in the design. Proventia's modular Test Solutions are optimised in accordance with performance levels, customer needs and preferences. The dynamometers, inverters, simulators, test equipment and automation systems for each test stand are selected from the widest range of leading key component suppliers. Proventia's hybrid electric powertrain test cells are very transportable, integrate with existing facility arrangements and are quick to deploy.


Modular hybrid electric powertrain test cells

Proventia's modular Test Solutions integrate with a wide range of hybrid electric powertrain test bench configurations, meeting various requirements, performance levels and existing facility arrangements. Proventia offers different designs, several layouts and dynamic arrangements to match every requirement, right up to a complete hybrid or full electric 2WD/4WD drivetrain setup. Each test cell consists of several large modules that are logistically very mobile and quick to assemble on site. The modular P/T test laboratories can be deployed both indoors and outdoors, providing considerable flexibility for arranging new capabilities now and in the future.

Proventia's test laboratory automation is divided into infrastructural and test stand control. The master automation system can be any brand available on the market or the customer's own design. The MA utilises the Proventia Building Automation System to operate all the infrastructural capabilities, such as the mains power, integral specimen cooling system, ventilation and air conditioning. The BAS also controls the safety systems (doors, emergency switches, fire suppression system, gas and fluid detectors) and alerts the master automation system when required.

Proventia is a free system integrator and cooperates directly with the key component industry, enabling test laboratory deliveries with unique combinations of dynamometers, inverters, test equipment and automation systems. The level of expertise and experience of the leading supplier network is the deepest and most extensive on the market. This allows Proventia Test Solutions to devise potential alternatives with the client and come up with the best possible hybrid electric powertrain test cell solution in accordance with requirements and customer preferences.

Proventia P/T test laboratories integrate with the existing facility arrangement

Proventia's modular powertrain test laboratories integrate with the existing facility arrangement and available supplies, like fuels, gases, air, cooling, liquid conditioning and water, as well as measurement capabilities and alarm networks, for instance. The level of self-sufficiency and interfacing points are devised in accordance with customer requirements. The minimum main facility requirement is a proper foundation (concrete beam or slap), a fuel line if a hybrid test stand is included and mains power supply. If some of the supplies and capabilities are common and part of the test centre delivery, Proventia builds supportive facility units, serving several test cells.

Turnkey delivered powertrain test laboratories

Proventia is a turnkey supplier providing complete hybrid electric powertrain test laboratories in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive, CE marked, with comprehensive safety features and complying with health and safety regulations. All the equipment and every detail are included in the design, installed and tested at the factory to ensure that onsite test cell assembly is quick. The modules are easy to transport anywhere in the world. All onsite lifting and manoeuvres are done promptly, and every interface is connected quickly. The modular drivetrain test laboratory is soon ready for commissioning, saving considerable time and trouble. A full documentation set comes with user and maintenance instructions.

Why a modular powertrain test cell?

  • Designed, manufactured and factory-tested turnkey solution
  • Easy to transport and quick to deploy
  • Works with different test bench configurations and automation systems
  • Integrates with existing facility arrangements
  • Optimised and naturally self-sufficient as required
  • Soundproof and fireproof structure
  • Follows EU Machinery Directive and health and safety regulations
  • Easier to upgrade when improvements are necessary
  • Always relocatable

Proventia's modular Test Solutions are easy to scale up into large test centres and there can be a greater number of test laboratories within a short lead-time. New test cells can be deployed almost anywhere – and in stages if required. Significant flexibility is provided for planning the expansions and preparing each step sufficiently early. The more modular the test centre, the easier it is to change technology, capabilities and location.