Hybrid electric vehicle battery pack test laboratory

Proventia's modular hybrid electric vehicle battery pack test laboratories with climatic features are optimised for customer requirements and user preferences. Battery cyclers, test equipment and automation systems are selected from the widest range of key component suppliers. Different designs and layouts provide considerable flexibility for building up the test capacity almost anywhere. The climatic EV battery test chamber is designed to simultaneously test several modules or full-size packs. Proventia's modular EV battery pack test chambers are easy to transport and quick to deploy, and they integrate with the existing facility arrangement.


Modular hybrid electric vehicle battery pack test laboratory

Proventia's hybrid electric vehicle battery pack test laboratories integrate with the widest range of test equipment and automation systems, exceeding every technical requirement, performance level and existing facility arrangement. Proventia offers different designs, layouts and dynamic arrangements for every required need. Each modular test laboratory consists of large modules that are easy to transport and quick to assemble on site. The modular EV battery test chambers can be deployed very dynamically both indoors and outdoors, providing considerable flexibility for the initial arrangement of the test cells and the asset's future management.


Climatic EV battery pack test chamber

Proventia's climatic EV battery test chamber (W2.8 m × L4.0 m × H2.5 m) is one of the largest on the market, accommodating full-size battery packs and offering enough space to run tests with several packs simultaneously, as long as the battery cyclers are addressed accordingly. The operational temperature range is typically between -40 and +90 degrees Celsius, but the environmental equipment is capable of achieving +150-degree conditions for non-battery testing purposes. The temperature change rate is optimised in accordance with requirements. The adjustable humidity range is between RH10 and RH95%. Each climatic battery test chamber comes with a separate instrumentation space and designated infrastructural capacities.


Proventia's climatic EV battery test laboratories fulfil the EUCAR Hazard Level 6 requirements and conform to the EU Machinery Directive, as well as health and safety regulations. The modular test cells and centres are fully equipped with modern safety features, including the customer's preferred fire suppression and facility alarm systems. When battery test chambers are located outdoors, the level of safety is maximised, and recovery from all sorts of incidents is made as simple as possible. Visual DUT monitoring is done with two types of camera: a CCTV operating at the range of the human eye, and an infrared thermal imaging camera allowing automatic temperature threshold alarm features. Large double doors to the climatic test chamber are equipped with emergency EXIT features.

Versatile and modular automation system

In general, the Proventia Test Solutions automation is divided into infrastructural and battery test chamber control. The master automation system can be any brand available on the market or the customer's own design. The MA utilises the Proventia Building Automation System to operate all the infrastructural capabilities, such as mains power, air temperature, humidity control and the specimen conditioning system. The BAS also controls the safety systems (doors, emergency switches, fire suppression system, gas and fluid detectors) and alerts the master automation system when needed.

Modular EV battery test laboratories integrate with existing facility arrangements

Modular Proventia EV battery test laboratories integrate with existing facility arrangements, available supplies (chilled water, liquid conditioning, water etc.), alarm networks etc. The level of self-sufficiency and points of interfacing are made in accordance with customer needs. The minimum main facility requirement is a solid foundation (concrete beam or slap) and a connection to the local power grid. Several chambers share a common machinery space accommodating the battery cyclers and the chiller support on the roof module. Control room and specimen preparation areas can be in additional modules or the main building.


Free system integrator and turnkey supplier of test laboratories

As a free system integrator, Proventia works directly with the key component industry, enabling test laboratory deliveries with unique combinations of test equipment and automation systems. The level of expertise and experience in the network of leading suppliers is simply the deepest and most extensive on the market. This allows Proventia Test Solutions to explore the most interesting alternatives with the client and come up with the best possible vehicle battery test chamber solution in accordance with requirements and customer preferences.

Proventia is a turnkey supplier providing CE marked complete hybrid electric battery pack test laboratories that comply with the EU Machinery Directive and health and safety regulations. All the equipment and every detail are brought into the design, installed at the factory and tested to ensure that the assembly on site is as quick as possible. The modules are easy to transport anywhere in the world. All onsite lifting and manoeuvres are included in Proventia's assembly services, and the modular EV battery pack test laboratory is soon ready for commissioning, saving considerable time and trouble. A full documentation set comes with user and maintenance instructions.

Why Proventia climatic EV battery test laboratories?

  • Applicable to battery module and pack testing
  • Optimised capacities and capabilities
  • Adapts to customer-specific test practices
  • Factory-produced, tested and quick to deploy
  • Integrates with various test systems and facility arrangements
  • Very transportable and re-locatable at any time
  • Fulfils EUCAR Hazard Level 6 requirements
  • Conforms with EU Machinery Directive, health and safety regulations

Modular EV battery test chambers scale up to test centres

The modular Proventia Test Solutions are easy to scale up to large test centres, and the number of battery test chambers can be higher within a surprisingly short lead time. New test laboratories can be deployed almost anywhere and in stages if required. The modular concept provides significant flexibility for planning expansions and preparing for each step sufficiently early. The more modular the test centre, the easier it is to change technology, capabilities and location.