ICE Test Solutions

Research, development, and testing have always been a central part of Proventia's business. Our in-house testing experience and profound understanding of engines and EATS give us a significant advantage in designing and constructing a practical testing facility for ICE applications.
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Compact optimized ICE test laboratory

Proventia's internal combustion engine test cells are designed in a compact transportable shape and structure. Modular test cells are optimized and equipped in accordance with customer needs and preferences. Proventia's test cells integrate with existing facility arrangements and numerous engine test bench configurations, and scale to complete test centers. 

Turnkey delivery

Our ICE test cells integrate with the widest range of test equipment and automation systems. Each modular test laboratory consists of large factory-made modules that are easy to transport and quick to assemble on site. The modular ICE test chambers can be deployed very dynamically both indoors and outdoors. For our customers, it's a turnkey solution.

Why Proventia ICE test solutions?

  • Fastest way to increase test capacity
  • Unique combinations of preferred test equipment and automation
  • Fulfills industry safety and performance standards
  • Technically optimized and as self-sufficient as required
  • Flexible for future changes and extremely transportable