Jan 16, 2018

Technology award given to Proventia's exhaust aftertreatment system

Frost & Sullivan has given the Best Practices 2017 technology award to the Proventia NOxBuster® City exhaust aftertreatment system. Already conquering the European markets, the product reduces diesel emissions hazardous to health by more than 90 per cent, and it is designed specifically for the needs of urban traffic.

Proventia′s product is highly topical, as many major European cities have not succeeded in lowering their emissions to air down to a level accepted by the EU. Proventia NOxBUSTER® City is ideal for low exhaust gas temperatures in urban traffic, and it can be retrofitted, for example, on older diesel buses.  In many metropolises around the world, installing a new exhaust aftertreatment (EAT) system on city buses has been found to be the fastest and most cost-efficient way to improve the quality of air in the short term. For example, Germany has decided to support retrofitting EAT systems on diesel buses by EUR 150 million. 

“Europe alone offers markets of hundreds of millions of euros for EAT systems, and there is no abundance of providers of these systems.  The UK, London in particular, has been a significant market area for us for several years. In the near future, we will focus on Germany and its many cities that are struggling with emission problems. Proventia′s EAT system can have a real impact on air quality in these cities”, says Jari Lotvonen, President and CEO of Proventia.

As Proventia is continuously making vehicle-specific applications of its basic system, its potential markets simply keep on expanding.

“We are also looking for opportunities in Asian markets. South Korea, in particular, has been an important market area for long. We are currently testing the award-winning system in Seoul”, Lotvonen says.

Frost & Sullivan evaluated the market value of new technological solutions and the ability of companies to serve their markets on a large scale. Evaluation criteria included impact on the industry, the diversity of target markets and applications, the innovation rate and customer service.

“According to tests, the NOxBUSTER® City system can reduce particulate matter, PM, and nitrogen oxides, NOx emissions by over 90%. Proventia's system is the fastest and most cost-efficient solution that helps to reduce emissions of various heavy vehicles down to a level required in the legislation”, says Nadzeya Viktarovich, research analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

For more information, please contact:

Jari Lotvonen, President & CEO, Proventia, tel. +358 20 781 0200, jari.lotvonen(at)

Proventia Oy is an environmental technology company based in Oulu. It offers solutions and services for the engine, machine and vehicle industries. Proventia develops, designs and manufactures exhaust aftertreatment components and systems for diesel engines, heavy-duty machines and heavy vehicles in the OE and retrofit markets. The company manufactures thermal insulation solutions for engine applications. Proventia offers unique modular test units for testing engines, powertrains and electrical components. Proventia is a growing international company and part of the Head Invest technology group.

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