LTO battery for harsh environments

Proventia ePRO500+

High voltage power
with less CO2

Proventia ePRO500+ is a high-voltage lithium-ion battery platform with a long lifetime and utmost operational safety. It offers a flexible capacity and voltage tailoring to meet the strictest demands for hybrid, full electric and fuel cell machines.

May we introduce the perfect battery for harsh non-road use?

In hybrid applications, cover the peak power with Proventia ePRO500+ and downsize your combustion engine for lower fuel consumption.

In full-electric machines, drop your emissions to zero and reduce the total cost of your ownership.

In fuel cell applications ePRO500 +provides fast response.

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For electrifying non-road machines

Operational cost savings and increased productivity leading to CO2 savings are possible to gain in all fields of machinery via electrification. Proventia is focused on developing high-power batteries especially for hybrid and full electric non-road applications. The same batteries are applicapable also for fuel cell machines.

The ePRO500+ is a robust battery system for the harshest operational environments. ePRO500+ offers power and energy specific variants available with a nominal voltage between 48–800 V.

Reasons to rely on ePRO500+

  • A carefree battery needs no servicing and has a long lifetime.
  • We build on the most robust of li-ion battery technologies.
  • We have engineered extensively to ensure that packaging and battery electronics add to the reliability of the system
  • Our system operates in temperatures where most typical batteries are in the “danger zone”.
  • We offer optional active thermal management.
Specifications * Energy bias version Power bias version
Nominal capacity 14,3 kWh 11,0 kWh
Nominal voltage 552 V  
Pulse power 280 kW 440 kW
10 s power 143 kW 440 kW
Continuous power 72 kW 110 kW
L x H x W 1110 x 800 x 400 mm
* Standard version

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Jari Granath

Jari Granath

Product Manager, Electric Powertrain

jari [dot] granath [at] proventia [dot] com
+358 (0)20 7810 211

High-power batteries for electric and hybrid non-road machines

In non-road machines, hybrid technologies are gaining ground. Hybridization enables operational cost savings and increases productivity, leading to CO2 savings.

Dumper Trucks
Utility Tractors
Lawn Tractors

For us, 1 + 1 = e

Proventia combines its excellence in Test Solutions and Emission Control to master a  business area – Electric Powertrain components.

We know the applications through our Emission Control systems. We know how to develop components for challenging machines, and we have the capacity to be a reliable supplier for engine and machine manufacturers. On the other hand, we know electricity and electric powertrains through Test Solutions. Therefore, 1 plus 1 equals more to us and to our customers.

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Jari Granath

Jari Granath

Product Manager, Electric Powertrain

jari [dot] granath [at] proventia [dot] com
+358 (0)20 7810 211