Proventia Thermal Components -Optimised integral insulation for thermal management

Proventia Thermal Components (PTC) insulation was developed for temperature- and performance-critical exhaust components and pipelines, where the best possible insulation is required to meet high emission reduction targets. As an emission control company, Proventia is at the very heart of thermal management. We understand the importance of optimal insulation in maintaining high temperatures inside the EAT system, yet keeping the outside surface temperature of the system and pipelines low.

Assembly-ready insulation parts
Easy to fit and remove for maintenance
Multi-layered heat insulation material

Thermal insulation parts

Proventia's integrated insulation parts are engineered, designed and manufactured in a shape that fits the component to be insulated. The insulation parts will be delivered assembly-ready to your facility. The insulation parts can be used for exhaust manifolds, turbo insulations, complete exhaust pipelines and systems, for instance.

Proventia insulation is not limited to just exhaust systems, components and pipelines; the same insulation concept is suitable for any components where high insulation efficiency and low surface temperature combined with low weight and easy shaping are required, for instance, engine room heat and sound insulations and fire protection inside and outside the engine compartment.

Multi-layered durable insulation

Proventia Thermal Components are comprised of corrugated stainless steel sheet and layered heat insulation material. The thickness and type of insulation material used can vary depending on the application. We mostly use silica fiber with different fiber compositions. In exhaust systems the typical insulation thickness varies 3-13 mm, allowing the maximum operating limit to rise up to 1100 °C. Proventia Thermal Components are extremely light and easy to shape into any complex 3D form. Therefore they can be fitted to tight spaces in engine compartments. The thermal components feature rapid, easy installation with a folded seam.

Key features

  • High insulation efficiency
  • Reduced heat transfer to the engine compartment
  • Low surface temperature
  • Protects sensitive parts from heat
  • Light-weight, durable insulation
  • Easy to fit and remove for maintenance
  • Cost-effective also for small-volume or high-mix series

Time and cost-savings by shortened service downtimes

By keeping the heat inside the EAT system Proventia insulation technology improves the emission reduction performance. Thanks to low thermal mass, insulated components cool down quickly as they do not radiate the heat out over a long period of time. Low thermal mass has a direct impact on machine service downtime: the machine can be serviced almost immediately when the engine is turned off, which eventually results in time and cost-savings especially in the industries where the machine's operating time is directly proportional to the productivity.

Our strengths

  • Knowledge and understanding of the importance of efficient thermal management
  • Cost-efficiency, especially in small-volume series
  • Capability for low-volume, high-mix production
  • Strong automation and equipment manufacturing expertise