Retrofitting TRUs in California

Transport refrigeration units (TRUs) are temperature control systems powered by small diesel engines designed to refrigerate or heat perishable products that are transported in trailers or bobtails. These engines remain running at terminals, distribution centres and truck stops, causing a potential health risk to those who live and work nearby.

In February 2004, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) approved the Airborne Toxic Control Measure for In-Use Diesel-Fueled Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs). The aim is to reduce the diesel particulate matter (PM) from in-use TRU engines that operate in California.

Proventia received CARB approval in 2008 for its Flow Through Filters (FTF) for transport refrigeration units. Proventia's FTF filters have been installed in over 5000 Thermo King and Carrier TRUs in the US, where Proventia's FTF system is the lowest cost method for making 2004 and older TRUs compliant with the CARB low-emission (LETRU) regulations.

The representative for Proventia's retrofit systems in the US is:

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