Diesel particulate filter servicing

Diesel particulate filters collect soot from the exhaust gas. Most of the soot is burned off during regular vehicle operation, but ash stays in the DPF channels, which might restrict the exhaust flow in the filter and raise the back pressure. In such a case, the ash must be removed through periodic servicing.     

Regular servicing extends the filter's lifespan. When the filter is clean, the back pressure remains low and the engine operates smoothly, keeping the fuel economy normal.

Proventia offers filter cleaning services for the demountable diesel-particulate filters of heavy vehicles, such as buses, trucks and non-road machines. 

Our filter servicing includes:

  • Filter weighing, pressure testing, condition check before and after servicing
  • Soot burning and ash removal

Our service centre offers also exchange filters.

At the moment we have filter servicing in Oulu, Finland, and Nyköping, Sweden. For more information, please call tel. +358 20 781 0200 or send email to info(at) proventia.com