Proventia NOxBUSTER® DPF + SCR systems are suitable for upgrading Euro 1, 2 and 3 vehicles. For Euro 4 and Euro 5 upgrades up to the Euro 6 emission level, we offer the special NOxBUSTER® City device. NOxBUSTER® system is a quick and cost-effective way to bring your vehicles up to date in terms of exhaust emissions. Proventia NOxBUSTER® systems use AdBlue® to reduce NOx over an SCR catalyst. NOxBUSTER® systems are suitable also for non-road machines.

NOxBUSTER system
NOxBUSTER system layout

Key features

  • For vehicles as well as non-road machines of 70 – 450 kW
  • NOx reductions of over 80%
  • PM reductions of over 90% with optional DPF
  • Application-specific canning and piping available for a variety of bus and truck makes and models
  • Optional heated urea lines and 2 NOx sensors for challenging conditions
  • 24/7 online NOx and exhaust system performance monitoring with optional PROCARE™ Drive
  • Reliable operation in all applications
  • Upgrades up to EURO 5 possible
  • Cost-effective: 20 retrofits for the amount spent on one new bus
  • Fully approved systems, e.g. for London's LEZ (TfL), Swedish Environmental Zones (Miljözon)
  • Proven results from global retrofit projects