Proventia PROCARE™ Drive for real-driving emission monitoring

For real-time NOx monitoring, we have developed the Proventia PROCARE™ Drive system. It is a web-based tool for monitoring vehicles' exhaust aftertreatment systems and especially SCR and NOx reduction performance. PROCARE™ Drive tracks the vehicle and provides real-time information of the NOx emissions and purification performance online 24/7.

The Proventia PROCARE ™Drive is a compact device that will help fleet operators minimise the risks associated with vehicle exhaust systems and improves emission monitoring and reporting.  Combined with location tracking, PROCARE ™Drive system also provides real-time location tracking displayed on a map, average speed and total distance in kilometres.  All gathered data is automatically transferred to customer-specific cloud storage, where data can easily be exported for reporting to authorities, for instance.

Emission tracking
Location tracking

How does it work?

Proventia PROCARE™ Drive includes a controller installed in a vehicle's CAN bus and the Proventia PROCARE™ Drive web service. You can log in to the web service from any PC, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection at any time to check the status of your vehicle's or fleet's NOx performance. The device provides real-time NOx, exhaust gas temperature and back pressure as well as information on the AdBlue® level, temperature and dosing rate for an entire fleet, or you can drill down to a single vehicle's exhaust aftertreatment device simultaneously in different phases of its daily route. Combined with location tracking with GPS and 3G wireless technology, Proventia PROCARE™ Drive keeps you always up to date with where your vehicles are located and how much NOx they are emitting.

Key Features

  • 24/7 online NOx and exhaust system performance monitoring
    • Real-time NOx, exhaust gas temperature and back pressure data
    • AdBlue® level, temperature and dosing rate
  • Automated DPF and SCR system operation alerts
    • Provides alerts about DPF maintenance needs
  • 24/7 online location tracking
  • Vehicle locations displayed simultaneously on a map
    • Average speed, total distance in km
  • Automatic, wireless vehicle data transfer to customer-specific cloud storage
    • Easy data export for reporting
    • Easy access for fleet operators and public transport authorities