Proventia Solutions & Products

Proventia Oy is a technology company based in Oulu, Finland. We offer solutions and services for the engine, non-road machine and vehicle industries. We develop, design and manufacture exhaust aftertreatment systems and components for diesel engines, non-road machines and heavy vehicles in the OE and retrofit markets. We offer unique modular test solutions for testing engines, powertrains, electrical components and batteries.

OEM Emission Control

EAT systems for agricultural machines
EAT systems for forest machinery
EAT systems for tractors
Common Stage V EAT system
For OE manufacturers Proventia develops and supplies exhaust aftertreatment systems and components and offers comprehensive engineering and testing services.

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Retrofit Emission Control

NOxBUSTER for city driving
NOxBUSTER City upgrades up to Euro 6
Proventia provides world-leading retrofit devices for a number of air quality projects worldwide. Proventia systems upgrade vehicle's emission class up to Euro 6 emission level.

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Test Solutions

Modular Proventia Test Centres and Solutions
Modular powertrain test cell PTU Double HVAC
Modular engine test laboratory double HVAC
Proventia modular test laboratory control room
Proventia Test Solutions offers modular testing facilities for engine, powertrain and e-component testing.

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