Modular test laboratories for hybrid systems and battery pack development and testing

Proventia responds to the increasing need for e-mobility solutions with the introduction of a one-of-a-kind automotive test laboratory, built in a compact, transportable shape and structure.Modular e-mobility applications are optimised according to the power range, thermal dynamics and customer needs. The test cell design, key components and measurement devices can be selected from the widest range of well-known suppliers creating further synergies for operational use.

Proventia's modular test solution transforms into various test configurations (e-motor, hybrid, e-powertrain, and battery testing) and integrates well with different sorts of facility arrangement. Each module, key component and test bed can be easily replaced. A complete Proventia Test Unit can be switched to another like changing cassettes in slots. All the infrastructural components dedicated to support test procedures, laboratory conditions, distribution of different supplies and safety aspects, are systematically managed by Proventia BAS and the test automation system in question. Each test units are controlled from an integrated operator room or the main building.

Hybrid and full electric powertrain test laboratories

The pressure to develop better, even more sophisticated hybrid and fully electric vehicles in and around the powertrain package requires a significant amount of testing in the laboratories. Modular Proventia Test Units are designed to comply with hybrid powertrain test requirements and the transformation into fully electric P/T testing is simple, allowing several test bench configurations. When two similar laboratories are integrated, the cell can accommodate a full size electric SUV, providing versatile 2WD and 4WD setups.


Modular battery pack test laboratories

Battery testing is one of the critical areas where development is running fast. Proventia Test Units offer numerous modular configuration and alternatives for automotive battery testing. Climate and temperature chambers vary between single cell test cabins and large chambers for full-size battery packs. As many as two packs can be in the chamber simultaneously; both can be running battery cycles, or the second pack could be simply withstanding the same climatic cycles. The PTU provides complete safety features and conditioning solutions for power electronics and test specimens. Thanks to modularity, special arrangements are easily done, for example, the R&D test cells can be placed apart from buildings providing additional safety in the case of more hazardous battery tests. 

Key features of Proventia Test Unit

  • Factory tested and quick to deploy
  • Integrates with various test applications, automation systems and facility arrangements
  • Optimized hardware configuration
  • Adapts to customer-specific test practices
  • Easier to upgrade when changes become necessary
  • Transportable and relocatable during the whole lifecycle
  • Safe following EU Machine Directive, Health & Safety regulations
  • Scales from single unit to test centres