EDU Test Stand

At Proventia, we have created a flexible test stand for testing EDU packages with two or more axes. The test stand typically consists of a steel bed plate with a number of useful t-slots for mounting test equipment, and high-performance air springs for vibration isolation.

Overview of EDU test stand

The dyno frames feature adjustable track-weight to a maximum of 2.2m as standard. Proventia also offers an adjustable DUT pallet, which allows for various EDU package designs to be mounted and tested. Proventia also offers climatic hoods to be connected to a remote air handling unit. This arrangement brings flexibility to the operations when need for climatic testing is not constant.

Turn-key solution

As an open integrator, Proventia can pair the high-performance test bed with test equipment from the market leaders, and the customer´s preferred suppliers. Proventia will integrate the drive suite, battery simulator, coolant conditioning, automation and data acquisition equipment as well as any other test equipment needed.

We provide turn-key solutions that meet the customer´s needs. With this in mind, we are able to offer containerised solutions, including the necessary safety, power, HVAC and plumbing and cabling infrastructure, as well as full building management solutions for the test space.


  • Speed Range: 2kRPM
  • Torque Range: 3200 Nm @ 500RPM (per axis)
  • Emulator Capability: 500kW
  • Safety Features: Access control, fire detection and suppression, shaft guards and optional ballistic protection
  • Included Equipment: EDU test bed, dynamometer drive suite, battery emulator, automation system, coolant conditioning, test cell infrastructure.
  • Optional Equipment: Climatic hood for DUT, Remote air handling unit, high performance measurement instrumentation
  • Delivery options: Modular/ Platform/ Stand-Alone