Fuel Cell System Test Module

The Proventia Fuel Cell System testing module is designed for the testing of up to 250 kW fuel cell systems in ambient conditions. The test module includes all the necessary equipment for the safe testing of hydrogen PEM fuel cell systems.


Overview of fuel cell system testing unit

The test module includes an extraction hood that sits above the fuel cell, and an HVAC system that completes enough air exchanges to ensure that a combustible mixture cannot be formed. Numerous hydrogen sensors monitor hydrogen concentrations in the larger test module space, the extraction hood, and the extraction vents.

A regenerative DC load allows for the power generation capabilities of the fuel cell to be tested over various profiles, and the automation and data acquisition system can control these profiles and collect data. It also includes a water purification and storage system for providing de-ionised water to the system.


  • DC load capability: 250 kW, 1,000A, 1,000V with blocking diode
  • Safety features: Access monitoring, extraction hood, hydrogen sensing, fire suppression (selected based on application and use case), high volume air exchange, humidity control.
  • Included equipment: Regenerative DC load, SAFETY automation system, extraction hood, plant infrastructure.
  • Optional equipment: Optional dedicated control room, environmental enclosure for stack, climatic conditioning equipment