Test solutions for testing and storing of EV batteries

Proventia Test Solutions offers test facilities for the development and testing of EV battery packs and modules, and safe units for storing lithium-ion batteries. Test cells and centers are structurally and environmentally designed to meet the high performance and safety standards of an EV testing facility.

Test solutions for testing and storing of EV batteries

Free system integrator 

We work directly with test equipment and automation system suppliers. We integrate any equipment including the customer's own equipment. Our solution provides the customer with the most extensive selection of technologies to exceed requirements and ultimately find the optimal combination of equipment, automation and infrastructural capabilities for the project. 

Supplier of standard industrial products

For the development and testing of  EV battery packs and battery storage we also offer standard test modules that fulfill all the industry requirements and are quick to deploy. 

Why Proventia EV battery test solutions?

  • Fastest way to increase EV battery test and storage capacity
  • Integrates with various test equipment and automation
  • Fulfils industry safety and performance standards
  • Adapts to customer-specific test practices
  • Standard test solutions available for EV battery development and testing, and battery storage