Get that extra power with less co2 - Proventia ePRO48 lithium-ion battery

Our expertise areas

Innovators, engineers and problem solvers – that's what we are. Above all, we are fellow human beings, and partners to our customers. Together, we combat climate change and air pollution – with modular test solutions and powertrain systems and components for engine, machine, and vehicle industries.

Test Solutions

Modularity is the way we build the test cells and centers. Whether it´s electric and hybrid vehicles, their powertrains, battery packs, or hydrogen fuel cells.

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OEM Emission Control

Your key to success: prepare for future emission standards and keep your machines energy efficient. Agile, innovative with high quality – with us.


Retrofit Emission ­Control

Improve local air quality rapidly and cost-effectively. Retrofit your buses, coaches, trucks, and vans. When the goal is to cut the emissions down.


Thermal Components

When temperature matters, we provide high-performance and innovative insulation solutions for demanding engine applications. Any quantities.


Electric Powertrain

Take a major step towards zero emissions with Proventia Electric Powertrain. It´s about developing high-power batteries for hybrid non-road mobile machines.


Our engineers in action! They create bold solutions towards a low-carbon and zero-emissions future. Join us and see how our experts make it happen.