Proventia's shares in the book-entry system

The shares of Proventia Group Corporation are in the book-entry system. The book-entry system is an electronic register and processing system for shares and other securities and comprises book-entry securities accounts and lists of owners. 

Book-entry securities accounts include data on the owners of book-entry securities, and their types and quantities. The lists of owners are public. The book-entry system is maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd. Through the book-entry system, the maintenance of the company´s shareholder information is efficient, and the shareholders´ register is always up to date.

Changes in contact information

We kindly ask shareholders to inform the account operator where the shareholder has a book-entry securities account of changes in the shareholder's contact information. We are unable to make any changes on behalf shareholders into the book-entry systems.

Share transactions

In the case of any share transactions, we request that you proceed as follows:

A written contract of the share transaction should be prepared, which records the personal identification numbers or Business IDs of the transferor (seller or other transferor) and transferee (buyer of other recipient) of the shares, the amount of shares being transferred, the price or other compensation as well as any other terms agreed between the parties. The contract should also be dated. 

When ownership of shares is transferred, the transferor of the shares should provide the following to their account operator:

  • the original contract,
  • the names of the transferor's and transferee's account operators and their book-entry securities account numbers; if this data is already available when the contract is prepared, it should be recorded in the contract, and
  • a request to record the transaction that was carried out into book-entry securities accounts. 

It is the transferor´s duty to make the application for recording the share transaction to the transferor's account operator. 

The parties may also authorize in the contract the transferee or a third party to handle the recording of the share transaction and the signing of the recording application. 

All share transfers are subject to a transfer tax to be paid to the Finnish tax authorities by the prescribed deadline.