Spare parts from Proventia Parts

Proventia Parts – all the spare parts you´ll ever need for your NOxBUSTER® system.

A new replacement DPF, sensor, pipe, clamp or bracket – you name it, Proventia Parts offers all original spare parts for NOxBUSTER City and NOxBUSTER systems. By servicing your NOxBUSTER system regularly and having any broken part replaced, you keep your vehicles running clean and fulfilling the local requirements in the future.

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Proventia Parts – spare parts portal

Did you know that you can order Proventia spare parts easily through Proventia Parts online portal, which offers you a smooth and fast spare part order experience. With your personal user profile, you see only the spare parts that your systems may need. Exploded views of each system with a detailed description and product codes with pricing guarantee that you always order exactly the right item. In addition, you will always find up-to-date product documentation and maintenance instructions online in the portal. 

Why should you use Proventia Parts?

  • Exploded view of each system with detailed description and product codes
  • Time saving simple 1-click ordering process
  • Pricing always available
  • Parts dispatched within a max. of 48 hours of placing an order
  • Always up-to-date documentation and diagnostics, and maintenance tools and manuals
  • Warranty covered replacement parts are also ordered through Proventia Parts.

If you have a Proventia NOxBUSTER® system, Proventia Parts is the place to be. Contact us now and become a Proventia Parts user: info(at) or ask your main contact at Proventia.

We´ll set everything up for you, and send you a username and password.

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