NOxBUSTER® City - High NOx reductions in city driving

Proventia NOxBUSTER® City DPF + SCR is an emission control system that can be retrofitted to heavy vehicles already used in traffic like buses, coaches, refuse collection vehicles and trucks. NOxBUSTER® City reduces emissions up to Euro VI emission level.

Thanks to Proventia's specialized urea mixing and dosing strategy, combined with advanced catalyst technology and optimised thermal management, the NOxBUSTER® system achieves high emission reduction rates in real city traffic without any additional devices or components being necessary. The system is integrated to fit each vehicle without structural modification.

Proventia offers optional PROCARE™ Drive telematics as a continuous monitoring and reporting system, providing real-time, 24/7 online information about NOx emissions and EAT system purification performance.


Operates at low temperatures

The technologies Proventia has developed for demanding non-road OEM applications firmly support R&D and expertise related to retrofit systems. The NOxBUSTER® City system combines Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technologies for the best possible emissions reduction performance. SCR uses urea (AdBlue®) to reduce NOx over an SCR catalyst. An SCR system consists of an SCR catalyst, urea dosing system, urea tanks, urea mixer, urea lines, various sensors and a control unit that regulates the entire SCR operation. A diesel particulate filter for reducing particulate matter (PM), hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) is integrated into the system.

The NOxBUSTER® City urea dosing system was developed over ten years of research and development. It is based on patented mixing technology. This allows more urea to be injected, even at low exhaust gas temperatures. NOxBUSTER® City includes advanced catalyst technology that is completed by a refined dosing strategy. For the insulation of NOxBUSTER® City, we use our own integrated, multilayer insulation technology. The optimised insulation improves SCR performance by preventing the transfer of heat outside the system and keeping the surface temperature of the system low.

 Tested, proven technology

NOxBUSTER® City has been tested according to the World Harmonized Vehicle Cycle (WHVC) and Millbrook London Transport Bus (MLTB) standards by independent testing laboratories, with excellent NOx reduction rates achieving Euro VI engine emission limits in real city driving. In-use emission tests with a portable emissions measurement system (PEMS) by an independent test organisation have proved that the laboratory tests are correct. NOxBUSTER® City's impeccable operation has been proved in practice, even at Arctic temperatures, including cold-start phases. NOxBUSTER® City operates without additional active heating which might load alternator, batteries or other components. 

Proventia also offers an optional Proventia PROCARE™ Drive telematics system, which provides information about the emission reductions and system operation on the vehicle's daily route.

Why NOxBUSTER® City?

  • High NOx reduction rates, even at low exhaust temperatures (below 200 °C). Reduces PM, CO and HC emissions.
  • Proven results in PEMS tests from an independent test laboratory
  • Proven results in real city driving conditions from independent test laboratories (WHVC and MLTB cycle)
  • Operates with normal AdBlue® – no additional electrical heating devices required
  • Improved urea-mixing technology allows the injection of more urea at low temperatures – no deposits
  • Advanced insulation technology keeps the heat inside the system and improves SCR operation
  • Low surface temperature – no risk to other sensitive engine parts
  • Easy installation and maintenance – no special devices required
  • Continuous NOx emissions and system performance monitoring and reporting with the web-based Proventia PROCARE™ Drive
  • Direct fit designs available for the most common buses, coaches and trucks
  • ULEZ and CVRAS approved in the UK
  • Approved for German retrofit projects
  • Approved for Swedish and Finnish retrofit schemes
  • Over 5,000 systems installed globally