Proventia Thermal Components

Proventia offers high-performance insulation solutions for demanding engine applications. Everything started with insulation solutions we developed for our own temperature- and performance-critical exhaust components and pipelines.  In exhaust aftertreatment systems optimal insulation is important in maintaining high temperatures inside the EAT system, while keeping the outside surface temperature of the system and pipelines low. Thermal components ensure that exhaust aftertreatment systems perform optimally and achieve the best possible emission reduction performance. The same insulation concept applies to any components requiring high insulation efficiency, light weight and easy shaping.


Our offering

Insulation is an important and essential part in making machines and vehicles energy-efficient. It reduces thermal radiation and enables the most effective use of the confined engine compartments of today's technologically complex machines. High-quality insulation increases people's safety. And that's what we offer: 

  • Modular insulation coverings
  • Shaped heat shields
  • Fully integrated insulation solution

Why Proventia Thermal Components?

  • Agile engineering
  • Fast process from prototypes to serial products
  • Flexibility in production volumes
  • OEM-standard insulation for small and large quantities