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Proventia EVA:
Test Facilities for Battery and Fuel Cell Systems 

Evaluate, Validate, Approve = EVA. Proventia EVA is the product family for modular test facilities for the development and testing of batteries and fuel cell systems. EVA test facilities are compact, fast-to-deploy solutions for the battery, machine, vehicle and energy industries. Our offering includes a range of  testing solutions for batteries, such as test chambers for climatic testing of battery packs and modules, test chambers for performance and lifetime testing of battery cells, modules for abusive testing of batteries and safe storages for batteries. Additionally, we have test cells for fuel cell systems.

EVA test products

EVA Climatic

Module for Climatic Battery Pack Testing. This state-of-the-art test chamber for the climatic testing of battery packs and modules is developed in collaboration with Keysight Technologies.

EVA Life

Test Module for Performance & Lifetime Testing of Battery Cells. Flexible testing capability designed and built in collaboration with Keysight Technologies.

EVA Safe

Module for Safety and Abuse Testing of Batteries. Play safe and run misuse tests for
batteries with this fast to deploy, easy to operate solution.

EVA Storage

Module for safe storage of batteries. Store and deep discharge your battery material.


Test Module for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems. Make it a simple! This turnkey test chamber is one of the fastest ways to optimise your fuel cell system testing capacity.

Modular Test Facilities

Modularity brings several benefits to testing infrastructure. The modules are structurally and environmentally designed to meet the high-performance and safety standards of a testing facility. Modules are easy to transport and quick to assemble on site. They can be integrated to an existing utility network or equipped to be an independent test unit. Modular test facilities are easily scalable from a single test cell to a complete test center.

Modularity makes a difference, especially when it comes to delivery time and flexibility. The overall project delivery time for a modular facility can be less than half the time for the block-built test facility.

  • Various project phases can be carried out in parallel
  • Modules are constructed and assembled at Proventia's factory
  • The modular test facility requires minimal planning and preparations on site

Quick to deploy from start to finish

Design > Site preparation > Long lead time item delivery > Module preparation > Delivery and site installation

Design > Site preparation > Long lead time item delivery > Module preparation > Delivery and site installation

THE MOST IMPORTANT ADVANTAGE of a modular test facility is the overall project delivery speed.

Proventia ACE Guard

Proventia ACE Guard is a customizable interface for managing the test facility’s infrastructure and safety systems. It enables easy integration into customers’ own systems. Find the exact safety features on each product's own website.

ACE Guard

ACE Guard

Why Proventia Battery Test Solutions?

  • Fastest way to increase battery development, test and storage capacity
  • Rapid implementation and deployment time
  • Fulfills industry safety and performance standards
  • Reduces investment time and costs with scalability

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